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Uncorking Wine

a person holding a glass of wine

See Joe Fiely’s tips and tricks for uncorking bottles of wine...

Three nice cuts: For real wine, you want to do three nice cuts—first one right across the top, the second one around the back neck, and finally straight up the front stopping about halfway—Then, the capsule will peel right off.

Joe’s pro-tip: Always want to use a two-prong wine key: it makes all the difference. These are tools, and we’re like craftsmen.

One nice turn: Keep turning while you’re talking to your guests), and it’s like magic—the beautiful device stops right where it needs to.

Take the first prong straight-up—designed where your finger fits right on the key perfectly (must’ve been designed by Italians because they’re amazing), keeping your finger on the key. If you were to use a one-prong wine key, the cork turns, it snaps and breaks, and you get all nervous. This two-prong key won’t even let you turn anymore—it’s perfect.

Second level turn & pull: go to that second level (again, it’s designed for the thumb to rest). Take your other hand (non-wine key hand), and pull straight up. Be careful right when you get to the end, not to splash all over shirts and ruin them.

Pour, sip, enjoy. Pair this particular Pala Family Sardinian Cannonau wine with seafood.

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